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NEWS FLASH: Michael F. Gagnon II, Scholarship - Congratulations to Julia Brilla!

We look to complete Phase1 by the end of 2018. We are working on creating a diverse collection of resources that will support long-term recovery from substance use disorders and the co-occurring challenges. TriCircle, Inc. will provide the tools to build strong futures and empower people, and their families to see the bright and successful futures that are possible.


Company Description:

TriCircle, Inc. (TCI) will support individuals, groups, and families to gain a sense of purpose with an advantage of lived experiences obtained throughout our programs. TCI’s strongest assets will remain the collaborations and relationships it creates locally and nationally. These assets allow our clients healthy life choices within diverse communities and cultures. TCI will work on building life skills, community outreach, education and career structuring. We will provide our alumni access to additional opportunities and resources so they may inspire other individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction.

Our vision has been broken into a 3Phase Plan. We will make updates and information on our progress monthly.

TCI will combine its efforts with local and national organizations and businesses not only to create recovery friendly employees, but to match them with recovery friendly opportunities.

TCI’s first treatment service program will be centrally located within the state of Connecticut. Our diverse group of professionals will share their individual vocational passion with TriCircle, Corporation. The value of our program will be brought forth with integrity and transparency so the vulnerable demographic we serve feels secure with the decision to be with us. At TriCircle, Inc. we will provide the tools to build strong futures. TCI won’t be just treatment, it will be lived experience with a future.


Mission Statement:
TriCircle, Inc. is an organization that provides resources for people and families affected by substance use disorders. Through education, research, and community engagement we are dedicated to providing the tools that build strong futures.

Vision Statement:
TriCircle, Inc. envisions that all people seeking recovery be given inspiration, skills, and opportunities within a safe, stigma free community, which supports substance free long- term wellness.